You can further divide it into three main categories:

You can further divide it into three main categories:


Nano: insect size (up to 50 cm)

Small: Larger than the size of an insect, but quite small (less than 2 meters long). This is the size of most consumer drones. These drones can be controlled by one person.

Medium: Smaller than a light aircraft and usually requires two people to be carried.

Large: The size of a small aircraft often used in military or surveillance situations.

Short Range: Most drones in the area usually have approx. 8 km and can stay in the air for an average of 20-30 minutes. Consumer drones fit into this category.

Short Range: Most short range drones can be controlled up to 50 miles from users and can stay in the air for an average of an hour and 6 hours.

Medium: Most mid-range drones can be controlled up to 150 km away and can stay in the air for up to 12 hours.

After durability:

Run with drones

Most endurance machines can be controlled for up to 400 miles and be in the air for up to 3 days in a row. These are mostly used to monitor and gather scientific information.

Lok drone

Helicopter drones

Delivery of drones

Photography drones

GPS drones

VTOL drones (vertical take-off and landing)

(Some of the information above may be inaccurate for your particular type of drone. Be sure to read the individual drone specifications for the exact flight time, adjustment distance, specifications, etc.)

Find the right drone for you

Now that you know the main types of drones and their subcategories, you can choose the one that suits you.

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Erica loves theater and animated films, wants to visit Southeast Asia and thinks her ideal partner is a man she can easily chat with.

However, he is less straightforward when asked about his age. “It’s a pretty rough question … I don’t want to say that,” is the answer. As her embarrassing interrogator pushes aside and tries to make the conversation kinder, Erica turns her head and follows her eyes every time.

Everything is pretty disturbing, but if Japan’s new generation of intelligent robots ever competes with humans as interlocutors, it may be as it should be.

Erica has proven to be 23 years old, the most advanced hominide born of a collaboration between the universities of Osaka and Kyoto and the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR).

Basically, group leader Hiroshi Ishiguro, a professor of intelligent robotics laboratories at the University of Osaka, is perhaps best known for creating the Android Geminoid HI-1 like him all the way to the black leather jacket he signed and the Beatles mop made with him. own hair.

However, Erica looks and sounds much more realistic than Ishiguro’s silicone double or her former humanoid robot Geminoid F. Although she can’t walk alone, she has improved speech and the ability to understand and answer questions. through the disgusting changes of man in his manifestations.

Erica, emphasizing Ishiguroa, is the “most beautiful and smartest” android in the world. “The principle of beauty is stuck in the average face, so I photographed 30 beautiful women, mixed their facial features, and used the average of each to design my nose, eyes, and so on,” she says as she drives upstairs to the office. In the robot laboratory of ATR. “That means he has to pull everyone.”

He is a more advanced version of Geminoid F, another Ishiguro creature that appeared in Sayonara this year, directed by Koji Fukada in a film adaptation of the staging of the same name.

Seen in rural Japan after the nuclear disaster, the film made Geminoid F the world’s first humanoid film actor starring opposite Bryerly Long. While the robots in the movies are almost as old as the movie itself, Erica didn’t stand the robot of human actors – think C-3PO – or Sonny from me, for example.