Advantages and disadvantages of autonomous weapon systems

Autonomous weapon systems and military robots move from science fiction movies to designer drawing boards, to engineering labs, and to the battlefield. These machines have created a debate among military planners, robotics technicians, and ethicists about the development and deployment of weapons that can perform more and more sophisticated functions, including targeting and using force, […]


What are the advantages and disadvantages of modern technology?

This article is a workshop that is the result of the interaction between SKILLS – DEUTSCHE ABTEILUNG students and teachers on the advantages and disadvantages of “modern technology”. Although minor changes have been made, the materials available are mainly research analyzes. What are the advantages and disadvantages of modern technology? The impact of technology on […]


Robots and artificial intelligence offer challenges and opportunities for the hotel industry

Friendly and generous human interaction is the heart of good hospitality, whether it is a hotel, restaurant or club. What does hospitality look like and how does it feel when human workers are replaced by machines? This is already happening all over the world, from robots that run hotel receptions to machines that can grill […]


The robot revolution

With a recently released animation called “Let’s Start Building the Future,” Coop Himmelb (l) au announced his intention to take digital production to a radically new scale to show how technology affects almost every aspect of the architectural profession. The rise of design data modeling and other modeling software has changed the way architects and […]