Advantages and disadvantages of autonomous weapon systems

Advantages and disadvantages of autonomous weapon systems

Autonomous weapon systems and military robots move from science fiction movies to designer drawing boards, to engineering labs, and to the battlefield. These machines have created a debate among military planners, robotics technicians, and ethicists about the development and deployment of weapons that can perform more and more sophisticated functions, including targeting and using force, with little or no human control.

Some military experts believe that autonomous weapon systems not only provide significant strategic and tactical advantages on the battlefield, but are also morally preferred over the use of human fighters. On the other hand, critics believe that these weapons should be restricted, if not completely banned, for a number of moral and legal reasons. This article first discusses arguments from those who are for autonomous weapons systems and then those who are against them. Next, the challenges of limiting and defining autonomous weapons are discussed. Finally, it concludes with a political recommendation.

Arguments for support for autonomous weapons systems
Support for autonomous weapons systems falls into two general categories. Some members of the defense community are in favor of autonomous weapons for military purposes. Other supporters emphasize the moral justification for using it.

Military benefits.

Those who argue for the further development and implementation of autonomous weapons systems generally point to several military benefits. First, autonomous weapon systems act as a power multiplier. This means that fewer warriors are needed for a given mission, and the effect of each warrior is greater. Spokesmen then call for autonomous weapons systems to expand the battlefield so that combat can reach areas that were previously inaccessible. Finally, autonomous weapon systems can reduce losses by removing human fighters from dangerous missions

The Ministry of Defence’s unmanned systems roadmap: 2007-2032 provides even more reasons to pursue autonomous weapons systems. These include that robots are better suited than humans for “” boring, dirty, or dangerous “missions.” 2 An example of a tedious task is long sorting. An example of a dirty job is one where people are exposed to potentially harmful radiological material. An example of a dangerous mission is the disposal of explosives. May. Jeffrey S. Thurnher, “United States Army adds,” [lethal autonomous robots] have the unique potential to operate faster than humans can possibly reach and to strike lethally, even when communications are lost. “3

In addition, it has highlighted the long-term savings that can be achieved by deploying an army of military robots. In a 2013 article published in The Fiscal Times, David Francis quoted the Department of Defense as saying that “every soldier in Afghanistan costs the Pentagon about $ 850,000 a year.” 4 Some estimate the cost per. Years even higher. On the other hand, according to Francis, “the TALON robot – a small rover that can be equipped with weapons, costs $ 230,000”. 5 According to Defense News, General Robert Cone, former commander of the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, at the Army Aviation Symposium in 2014, said that by relying more on “support robots”, the military could eventually reduce the size of a brigade by four thousand to three thousand soldiers without a simultaneous reduction in efficiency.6

Arguments in opposition to autonomous weapons systems

Some support autonomous weapon systems with moral arguments, others base their opposition on moral grounds. Others still argue that moral arguments against autonomous weapon systems are misunderstood.

Resistance for moral reasons. In July 2015, at an international joint meeting on artificial intelligence, an open letter was released calling for a ban on autonomous weapons. The letter warns, “ Artificial intelligence (AI) technology has reached a point where the implementation of such systems – practically if not legal – is possible for years, not decades, and efforts are high: autonomous weapons have been described as the third of the revolution. in warfare after gunpowder and nuclear weapons. 24 The letter also notes that AI has the potential to benefit humanity, but if a military AI arms race occurs, AI’s reputation could be damaged and a public setback could affect AI’s future benefits. The letter has an impressive list of signatories, including Elon Musk

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