robotics and Society

If you look at the field of robotics today, you can say robots have been in the deepest oceans, they've been to Mars, you know? They've been all these places, but they're just now starting to come into your living room. Your living room is the final frontier for robots.

Technology and robotics are advancing and will reduce the need for workers in the future.

Increasingly, the work we do is enabled more and more by new IT, including automation, robotics, and intelligent platforms.



With the advances in innovation, machines that were progressively working close by people, or for people, have made some amazing progress and have begun chipping away at their own. Subsequently, the way, we people live and do things today and the coming tomorrow is evolving generally.

Unimate – advanced and programmable robot was worked by George Devol in 1954 and was named the Unimate.


Hands-on experience is the best way to learn about all the interdisciplinary aspects of robotics.


Advantages and disadvantages of autonomous weapon systems

Autonomous weapon systems and military robots move from science fiction movies to designer drawing boards,


What are the advantages and disadvantages of modern technology?

This article is a workshop that is the result of the interaction between SKILLS – DEUTSCHE ABTEILUNG students and 


Robots and artificial intelligence offer challenges and opportunities for the hotel industry

The Growing Trend of Robotic Gambling

Robotic and gambling industry is a perfect match. They both require a lot of money and need it to keep going. The robotics industry is a high demand field, because most of the robots will need to be repaired after they are purchased. It would be the logistics nightmare if after the purchase of the robot, it was programmed and set to roam freely and damage property or injure people.

In the case of gambling, it can be programmed very easily to lose money and then to win big back again. In the case of robotic technology, it might need to be programmed a few times before it learns how to win or lose. That also makes it more difficult to program robots correctly and even keep them updated with the latest winning strategies.

Robotic systems can also be dangerous in the wrong hands. That’s why gambling is illegal in many countries. However, people love to gamble, and they certainly will find a way to steal the robotics and make a buck. It’s like taking away your hard-earned money from the bank safe and making it safe to steal in the bank’s own safe. You work too hard for it to go down the drain like that.

In fact, the robotics industry might just turn out to be a giant black hole. Who will steal the robotics innovations that we worked so hard to obtain? Will we see stealing of the racing cars or perhaps the food processors? We will probably see stealing of the inventions that human created with our hard work? Can you imagine what will happen when the whole world becomes dependent on robotic thinking machines?

Can we trust these artificially intelligent robotic machines to act the way we want them to act? These are just some of the issues raised by robotic and gambling tendencies reactoonz made simple. If someone were to create such a system, could they be trusted not to steal the company’s intellectual property and give it to someone else? Will our civilization continue to progress or will it totally collapse? What will be the role of government in all this? Is there enough money in the budget to create a reliable and safe robotic system or will this fall into the black holes of science-fiction?

Indeed, as the future evolves, we should be very concerned about the growing tendency of robotics and artificial intelligence. If you are an engineer, you should definitely be studying this and have many discussions with your fellow colleagues in the same field. This is one subject that is very interesting and important for the future of humankind. If you have any comments, questions or concerns on this topic, please shoot me an e-mail.